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Moses Forest

Moisio Forest Oy (ltd) is a family business that designs and manufactures machines, located in Viitasaari, Central Finland.



Moipu Flex rollers consist of rubberized rim, fixing plates, screws and side plates. When the rollers are assembled, the side plates are welded to the rim. Side plates keep gripping plates attached to the roller. Together with the rubber, the side plates allow the gripping plate to conform to the surface of the tree. Screw attachment makes it easy to replace the grip plates if the spikes are damaged.


Moipu Steel roller spikes are made from Hardox. Wear-resistant material ensures long service life for the spikes and makes the structure strong. The open structure makes the roller lightweight. This is very important when the head weight is at the limits of the crane and base machine. The less weight you have to move around, the more efficient you will be. The gaps between the ends allow the peel to pass through the roller. So the spikes always pass through the bark and have good adhesion.


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